Emily Ratajkowski Wore Alo’s Popular Bootcut Leggings

Emily Ratajkowski’s New York City street style is an endless supply of trend and It-item inspiration. Most of the outfits she wears for her walks around the city are quite casual and comfortable—but always cool. An observation I’ve made recently is that Ratajkowski has been trading sweatpants and traditional leggings for bootcut leggings. On two occasions last week, she paired Alo bootcut leggings with oversize outerwear.

So why do these Alo leggings deserve to be an It item? For starters, they’re affordable at just around $100. Additonally, at first glance, no one would realize that you’re wearing leggings—albiet flared ones. They come across as chic black pants. I actually own these exact leggings and can confirm that they’re quite thick and non-legging looking. 

Bootcute jeans are a rising denim trend, and accordingly, I foresee the boutcut look trickling into other categories of pants. And since people love Alo, don’t be surprised if these bootcut leggings start to sell out. If you’re into them, I suggest shopping now just in case that happens. Keep scrolling to see and shop there.


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