Customizing Your Airpod Maxes Is The Biggest Winter Trend

Masiie Donna via Instagram

Last year, fashion writer India Roby let us know that AirPod Max Pros were the “it” accessory, and I quote, “It’s like a BBL but for your ears.” She was on the nose with the microtrend blowing up; fast-forward to 2023, another microtrend is turning its head around the corner, and it’s a fairly sustainable trend. The DIY community is behind 3D and crochet AirPod Max Pro covers gaining popularity. Many of the ones you see the cool girls wearing they made themselves and are probably selling.

AirPod Max Pros seem to continue to stay in the top accessories game and are not letting go of the number one spot. Why not step up your everyday accessory with decoration? On top of 3D and crochet covers, there are printed cases that brands like Burga that specialize in cases sell.

The stand out of them all is definitely by Masiie Donna on Instagram, who made her own pair of 3D AirPod Max covers. They look so fun against her ginger tresses and look like they’d be a good fit on any hairstyle. This gives very much “Aliyah-core,” and can be played up as a campy look or even really dressed up with the right outfit like a loose blazer and pleated skirt, you could go for a school-girl look if you add a tie.

If you’re someone who wants to get into knitting, this might be your sign to start. AirPod Max covers don’t have a difficult pattern to follow, and since the sizing is for sure smaller than a scarf, getting your start on a pair will most likely take less than a week, or if you want to support some small businesses, Etsy is your best option!

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Into zodiac signs and DIY? Well, this TikTok creator below has an Amazon list of what you need to create a pair of 3D zodiac sign covers. Now, she’s a Scorpio, and if this doesn’t say baddie, then we don’t know what does. This is a project we hope you start because seeing every zodiac sign in 3D would be the coolest micro-trend!

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