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Now that you’ve found a chain, it’s time to add on some charms. (Or in the case that you already have an existing charm necklace or bracelet, it’s time to add to your charm collection). The actual charms are no doubt the best part of a charm necklace because they’re where you can get the most playful and precise and really show off your personality. Is travel on your 2024 vision board? Jet Set Candy has a host of wanderlust-appropriate charms. Have you, too, hopped on the bow bandwagon? See the single huggie earring below that doubles as a charm. Is your favorite food pizza? There’s a charm for that, too.

While you can splurge on a specialty charm from Catbird or Mejuri, we love that you can find millions of styles that are more affordable and get the job done just as well. And we just know that once you find and collect your favorite charms, it’ll be so gratifying to build a timepiece you can add to and take away from. That way it can always represent your stage of life and reflect new trends.

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