Consider These High Yield Savings Accounts To Get To The Bag Next Year

Whether you’re saving for a large expense, or shoring up for an emergency fund, funneling money into a high-yield savings account can help you reach achieve your goals that much faster.

Traditional savings accounts are great place to stash your money so you don’t overspend, but high-yield savings accounts offers the gift of compound interest, making your money grow right before your eyes. The higher the APY (annual percentage yield), the better your chances are at getting a great return on your investment.

Although the national average APY on savings accounts is only 0.21%, (which is 18 times less than other higher yielding accounts) there are options out there that are worth your while. Additionally, banks are responding by raising APY for their customers as inflation continues to rise.

Although this is good news, it can be overwhelming trying to choose which option makes most sense for your financial plans. Luckily, we did the work for you.

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