Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye’s Is Finally Launching Her Own Skincare Line

courtesy of Dr. Naana Boakye

From inclusive haircare lines by Rihanna and Beyoncé to expert-formulated skin care created by Pharrell, the rise of celebrity beauty brands takes more than just a well-known face.

Behind these instantly viral, icon-endorsed collections are industry-leading dermatologists putting in the legwork to make sure the brands live up to the name. But now, one of the key players behind John Legend’s Loved01, Naomi Osaka’s KINLÒ, and Gabrielle Union’s Proudly decided to be the face of her own brand.

Launching today, dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye’s new skincare line Dr. Naana Beauty was created in honor of her personal Ghanaian identity. “I sold a lot of products through a private label prior to working with John and Gabrielle,” Dr. Boakye tells ESSENCE. However, being met with limitations in terms of formula, she went back to the drawing board to head her personal line. “I now have a plethora of ingredients that I know that could help maintain the health of the skin,” she says. “I just want to create my own.”

Dr. Naana Boakye Launches Her Own Skincare Line
Dr. Naana Boakye

As the first born of two Ghanaian doctors, Dr. Boakye’s interest in dermatology began to blossom at a ripe age. “My mom had bad acne in her thirties, so I remember going to a dermatology appointment when I was 14 in Englewood,” she says. “That’s how I decided to just go into that field.” From there, she and her sisters began to mix Ghanaian shea butter with botanicals for their first bodycare line Karité Shea Butter. “That was kind of like the birth [of Dr. Naana Beauty],” she says.

Using key ingredients, like organic cocoa extract, shea butter, and other multitasking skin foods, Dr. Naana Beauty minimizes the steps of your ritual while maximizing the benefits. “I don’t like 10-step routines, I like three bottles on my counter,” she says, referring to her first three products. First, the Cocoa Barrier Cream to help reduce environmental stress; a Cocoa Brightening Gel Mask for skin treatments; and a gentle Fresh Face Cleanser, all packaged in pink and brown bottles à la skin tones.

Dr. Naana Boakye Launches Her Own Skincare Line

“I wanted packaging that was refillable,” she says. “They remind me of Humanrace, the white font, the ombre that goes throughout because everyone has multiple colors on their skin.” Unlike most celebrity brands, however, Dr. Naana Beauty focuses on overall skin health. “With Naomi, it was a sun care line, John was more moisturization, and then Gabrielle and Dwayne was a baby line,” she says. “In our case, it’s all about skin health for all skin types. An 18-year-old can use it, a 60-year-old can use them.”

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