Cancer Season Is Here — Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

This year, Cancer season will be a mix of juxtaposing energies. The combination of water, the sun in Cancer, Saturn, and Neptune in Pisces and fire planets (Mercury and Venus will enter Leo on July 2 and 11) will extinguish our vitality and energy. It might be hard to get projects started, but once we look outwards for stimulation, it’ll be easy to achieve. With Uranus harmoniously aspecting the Cancer sun, we’ll learn to appreciate our novel and unique emotions. Also, we’ll realize that home isn’t a place but a feeling we can create with those we love. There will be two Capricorn full moons on June 21 and July 21 at 1 degree and 29 degrees. Both lunations bring out our lustful sentiments and urge us to DTR. 

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