Beyonce Wants You To Find Your Own Park

Adidas and IVY PARK are coming out with another collection that is all about trail-blazing and rule-breaking when it comes to self-expression. Inspired by the “resilience of nature, the energy of the streets, and the potential of the future”, the collection features tons of gender-neutral and inclusive styles and a wide range of sizing. The campaign entitled “PARK TRAIL” is all about exploring the unknown and being okay with not always knowing the outcome. Physically or mentally, you could be scaling a mountain to reach peace, and PARK TRAIL helps bring to light those triumphs in trying something new. It’s just as much about the journey and the destination with looks that are functional and fashionable, featuring clothing, footwear, accessories, and performance gear. 

The collection was previewed in Dubai in conjunction with founder Beyoncé’s Dubai extravaganza. For the campaign, you might see some familiar faces, including Offset and his son Kodi, rapper Ice Spice, skateboarder Diego Nájera, NFL Football player Jordan Fuller, NCAA artistic gymnast Nia Dennis, and more. The cast is a reflection of hip-hop 90s culture with bold styling aesthetics. IVY PARK utilizes the 90s narrative to emanate the notion of getting lost and rediscovering yourself through your own PARK TRAIL. 

Beyonce Wants You To Find Your Own Park

The versatility in each piece, like the Camo Sequin Jacket, Camo Fur Coat, and Camo Canvas Track Suit alongside the Circular Knit Camo Crop, Tights, and Zip Hoodie, makes the collection feel well-rounded with a blend of camouflage, oranges, and indigoes. The utilitarian feel balances out the sequins and various prints with IVY PARK’s power iconography. All these elements, including the elevated fabrics, make the PARK TRAIL collection feel like a real exploration of the different realms of ourselves.

The footwear in the collection elevates the classic IVY PARK silhouettes with inspiration pulled from Adidas’ archives. The IVY PARK TT2000 basketball shoe debuted in this collection and is available in two colorways with contemporary textures and prints as the main way to set them apart from past shoes. PARK TRAIL’s accessories include convertible backpacks, bags, and hats with utilitarian accents like carabiners and fastenings that reflect the great outdoors. 

The collection will be available on February 9th on The prices range from $30 to $600, with sizes ranging from XXXS-XXXXL featuring 71 different items. 

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