Best Hair Brushes For Hair & Scalp Health Review

“Every brush has a purpose whether it is for wet detangling, dry detangling, scalp care, blow drying — and for certain textures, some work better than others,” says Hallajian. “My absolute favorite is by a brand called Manta — it works for all hair textures, on wet or dry hair, and even for blow-dry styling. My clients always tell me how much they love this brush!” After some online research, I snapped up a Wet Brush to add to my arsenal. I generally don’t like to brush my hair when it’s wet since it can stretch and weaken the strand, but a little gentle post-shower detangling can go a long way since my hair is so thick. Finger-combing works just fine, but I don’t see myself going back anytime soon; a brush made it easier for me to fix my part, distribute hair oil (my current go-to is Crown Affair), and gently eliminate knots.

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