Best Galentine’s Day Gifts: Picks I’m Buying for My Besties

Being in a long-term relationship has shifted my perspective on romantic holidays. Instead of lavish, expensive, and elaborate gifts, my partner and I have perfected the art of sweet, small, and thoughtful presents after knowing each other for nearly a decade. While gourmet chocolates and abstractly arranged flowers on Valentine’s Day may not cut it for us, I always like to put a bit more thoughtfulness into gestures around V-Day, especially when it comes to celebrating all the love I have for the women in my life. 

Galentine’s Day—typically celebrated on February 13—may be my favorite holiday of the year. Not only is it an excuse to dress up with your closest friends, but it’s also a time to exchange gossip (and gifts!) over a glass of wine in pajamas. For the last few years, I’ve hosted a Galentine’s Day dinner party for my friend group, and frankly, I think I got the gift-giving part down pat.

Below, shop all the low-cost, high-joy trinkets, treasures, and thoughtful gestures to give to your pals on Galentine’s Day this year. From luxury tea kettles to Pinterest-worthy candles and cozy sweaters, there’s something on this list for everyone. 

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