And Now, the 6 Best Marc Jacobs Bags Money Can Buy

Undoubtedly, anyone claiming to be a part of the fashion set has likely watched one particular film: The Devil Wears Prada. We all have our favorite scenes from the flick, but for the sake of this story, only one is top of mind. About 38 minutes into the movie, Andy Sachs meets her boyfriend Nate and friends Lily and Doug at a bar bearing gifts. As she doles them out, she lifts a Marc Jacobs Mercer Blake bag above her head, to which Lily replies, “Gimme, gimme, gimme.” The film may have been fictional, but it encapsulated the fervor surrounding the brand at that time. 

After all, back in 2006, everyone was hard-pressed to get their hands on a Marc Jacobs handbag—most were sold out everywhere and could only be spotted on the glitterati of the mid-aughts. And while we’ve moved on from that period, Marc Jacobs’s purses remain ever relevant. For years, we’ve seen various pieces from the label reach cult status. In honor of that, we’ve done a deep dive into the brand’s history to identify the 18 best Marc Jacobs bags. From archival versions to newly released pieces, these styles are sure to make you say “gimme” out loud too.

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