All of My Most-Wanted Fall 2024 Items From the Runways

There are two lists that I create every fashion season in my phone’s Notes app, and I furiously type new inclusions to both as looks walk down the runway, during the short period of time between the final look and the designer’s appearance, and in whatever mode of transport I take from that show to the next. One of the lists is for work, where I write down every unique attribute and reoccurring silhouettes, colors, and accessories to ultimately discover which trends will end up dominating in the season ahead. It’s my starting point for every runway report, from spring/summer 2024 to fall/winter 2024, and has thus far proven foolproof. It’s the other list, however, that brought me here today.

In another folder, I keep a running list of all the items I see on the runway, in presentations, or at re-see appointments each season that I want and/or need in roughly six months when they become available for purchase. After the shows end and I’m able to really unpack everything I’ve seen, I go back to my photos from the shows and previews and create physical visuals of my wish list, putting them in priority order and editing the number of must-buy items to something more achievable that I can begin saving up for. Of course, I probably won’t buy them all right away, but throughout the next year, I can pick them off one by one or find something similar at a more cost-effective price, be it a vintage version from the same brand or a tweaked iteration from a more affordable label.