Al Reynolds Says He Was ‘Very Honest’ About His Sexuality When Dating Star Jones

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Al Reynolds, the ex-husband of former The View co-host and lawyer Star Jones, discussed his sexuality on Fox Soul’s Tea-G-I-F. He is a co-host with Claudia Jordan, and comedian Luenell was a guest co-host during the episode.

During the show, Luenell asked the author and professor whether he came out and shared his sexuality with his ex-wife before they got married.

“Oh my goodness, I have never been not truthful with anybody that I’ve dated,” Reynolds, 55, answered. 

Luenell followed up and asked, “Oh, so Star knew she married a gay man?”

Reynolds responded, “I’ve talked about this on this platform before. I have always been very honest with all of my partners about my sexuality … all of them. At the time that I dated them, I’ve been very open and honest about my sexuality.”

The genesis of the conversation was a discussion about whether a transgender person should disclose their identity on the first date. Reynolds had the opinion that it’s not an easy thing to do because of the many factors at play. He did say, however, that if you don’t make it known sooner than later, then safety becomes a concern, so “you should be up front about your gender from the first date.”

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Reynolds and Star were married in 2004 before getting divorced in 2008. Allegedly, the marriage ended because Jones felt she was carrying it physically, emotionally, and financially. The TV host, 62, has since found love again and married administrative law judge Ricardo Lugo in 2018 after they met online. The couple also renewed their vows last year.

The Tea-G-I-F co-host came out as bisexual in 2017 during an interview with Radar Online.

“Today I accept myself as a bisexual man. I have learned that sexual orientation is not binary, at least for me. I am capable of loving both sexes, and I have done both,” he said. “My relationships, all of them, have been honest and based on my attraction to the other person. When I am in love I don’t equivocate, nor do I waver.”

Reynolds shared his truth in hopes that it would help other people in similar situations. “I will not live in fear or shame any longer,” he said at the time.

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