9 Cool New Sneakers to Buy in 2024

I recently saw a 5-year-old walking down the street wearing the exact same sneakers as me, which made me think that perhaps it was time to find myself a new go-to pair. Those sneakers are, of course, Adidas Sambas. No sneakers have taken hold of the 2020s quite like they have—they’re kind of perfect. They come in tons of cool color combinations, they’re wildly comfortable, and they somehow never really look beat up. I just wore mine in the pouring rain in New York City, and they still look new. If, like me, you’re tired of wearing the exact same sneakers as literally everyone else from age 5 to 85, I’m here to introduce you to or remind you of a few alternatives.

Whether you want a retro look similar to Sambas or something completely different, options abound on the internet, so let’s get to it. Scroll on to shop nine new and new-ish sneakers that would make great under-the-radar additions to your collection.

Adidas SL 72

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