7 Summer Pedicure Colours That Are Chic and Totally Timeless

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to book that all-important pedicure appointment. There are plenty of chic new season sandals we’re keen to show off, so naturally we want to make sure we’re looking great all the way down to our toes—because now the warmer weather is here, our feet are going to be out a lot more. For that reason, I’m now on the lookout for summer pedicure colours that will see me through all of summer’s occasions, from holidays to weddings and pool days to having picky bits outside on long, warm summer afternoons.

The summer season is also the ideal time to refresh your pedicure game. Toes can be a great way to experiment with bolder nail colours that you might ordinarily find too bright for your manicures, such as bright colours and pastels, which add a little personality to your feet. Alternatively, you can match your mani to your pedi with matching nail colours on hands and feet. And then there is always nail art such as a glazed pedicure or frombré effect that can easily give your pedicure a 2024 update.

Having scrolled through the coolest tastemakers on Instagram, a few pedicure colours featured time and time again. I’ve saved the prettiest and chicest pedicure colours that will see you through the entire summer season.

Summer Pedicure Colours to Try This Year

1. Chrome

Chrome pedicure colour

The chrome momentum hasn’t been slowing down since Haliey Bieber’s manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt, made them popular a few summers ago. For 2024, we’re seeing the glazed nail look reach our toes. I love this chrome effect paired with an off-white polish that instantly makes me think of the pearlescent effect you see on seashells—and it doesn’t get more summery than that. It’s also a great choice if you love minimal nail colours but want something a little more interesting than opaque white all over.

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2. Lilac

Lilac pedicure colour

Lilac is a pretty hue that is a great alternative to pink, but a little more interesting. Pastel nails are always a great hue to go for during the summer.

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3. Red

Red pedicure colour

Perhaps the most iconic pedicure colour of all time, red is always a good idea. It transcends every season, is appropriate for any occasion, looks great on everyone and is timeless. But, it is particularly on-trend right now. Whether you opt for classic cherry, bright tomato or burgundy, you can never go wrong with a glossy red on your toes.

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4. Mint Green

Mint green pedicure colour

Mint green, pistachio, matcha—pastel greens aren’t going anywhere this year and is a great way to inject some colour into your pedicure.

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5. Ombre

Ombre pedicure colours

I’ve been seeing more and more ombre styles take to the fashion set’s well-heeled feet, and this peaches and cream combination is particularly dreamy for summertime. You could do this with any colour, but creamy hues blended into sheer white looks particularly chic.