7 Outdated Boot Trends and 7 Styles to Shop in 2023

As much as I cherish every pair of boots in my vast shoe collection, as a fashion editor and a self-proclaimed footwear expert, nothing brings me more joy than the arrival of a new trend set. Almost never will I permanently get rid of any pair, not even when my 300-square-foot apartment transitions from a home into a glorified storage unit. I will, however, store the more outdated styles away in the back of my closet (or an actual storage unit) to make room for those ones that warrant the spotlight right now. 

The year has barely started, yet 2023 has already seen a significant number of boot trends reach must-buy status. From the Miu Miu buckle boots that spurred (pun intended) a million lookalikes to ’90s-era stiletto sock boots, every boot trend to come out of 2023 has been better than the last. Ahead, see and shop the seven that are making it to the big time this year and the seven that we’ll be politely declining (aka storing away for later use) during their reign. 

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