7 Fall Handbag Trends to Store Away (And 7 to Carry Instead)

I know the saying goes “diamonds are forever,” but forget diamonds. In my mind, handbags are forever. All you have to do is know when to hang some styles up for a few seasons in favor of other, fresher-feeling alternatives. (To keep their shape, stuff them with newspaper before sending them to storage for the time being.) 

This fall, I’ve noticed a larger-than-normal shift in terms of bag trends, with many of the tried-and-true favorites from the last few seasons starting to feel stale when compared to the flashy new ones that designers promoted on the fall runways. Prada’s once ubiquitous nylon Re-Edition bags have been replaced by its retro bowler and briefcase-style bags, while shockingly micro purses have been swapped out for shockingly large ones (because practicality for fall is always trendy).  

While it’s sad to say goodbye to the bags that have carried our most prized possessions every day for the last few years, the time has come for a changing of the guard. Ahead, see which styles are best to store away this season and the ones worth replacing them with.  

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