6 Sandal Trends to Know by Summer 2024

There are many things I look forward to about summer—holidays with my family, weekends in the city with my friends—but most importantly the fashion that comes along with it. For months leading up to summer, I fantasise about getting dressed without considering the weather and wearing whatever I want. A summer staple that I never neglect however is a good pair of sandals. When the humidity of summer gets to me, it’s nice to know that my feet won’t be stuck in thick socks and trainers. For me, it simply has to be sandals.

I’ve been looking forward to this summer so much that I’ve taken the time to review the sandal trends a bit early, and I have some strong predictions. After scouring both the runways and my instagram feed, I’m convinced that these six styles have true staying power in 2024. So, should you be ready for sandal season, keep scrolling to discover the pairs that I’ll be shopping first this spring/summer.

Style Notes: I used to think simple rubber flip-flops were way too boring for my wardrobe, but lately, simplicity has been key, and I’ve fallen back in love with the easy-to-wear style. A 2024 update means that they are no longer just for the beach, as the latest iterations with mini heels are my favourite way to wear them, but the unexpected styling of a button-down shirt and trousers is even more eye-catching.

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2024 sandals trends

Style Notes: When I first think of sandals, I think of them as a dainty accessory, so I absolutely love what a tough-girl piercing can do to them. There have been notes of gold and silver hardware across the sandal category for a few months now, and it’s something I’m looking forward to exploring more in 2024.

2024 sandals trends

(Image credit: @meccajw, Hermes via Imaxtree)

Style Notes: A pop of red was once all that anyone could talk about, but lately, our minds have moved into the merlot category. If you like a generous pour of red wine, you’ll like this colour trend just as much. While I was initially thinking of wearing a merlot dress or pants, I’d like to start by updating my sandal collection first.

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2024 sandals trends

(Image credit: @anaasaber, Bottega Veneta via Imaxtree)

Style Notes: What Bottega Veneta says goes, goes. After seeing its runway collection that spotlighted a pair of asymmetrical sandals (that haven’t even come out yet!), I’m searching for similar pairs. There’s really no wrong way to wear this trend.

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2024 sandals trends

Style Notes: The ’90s are calling, and they’re begging for their favourite pair of shoes back. The minimalist buckles that we once saw reign supreme have made their way back into the fashion crowd’s shoe collection, and I couldn’t be happier about it. At the helm of this trend is Miu Miu, whose buckled pumps are already an It buy among the fashion crowd, and if you thought wedges were better left to 90’s girl groups, think again. As the front row at the Chloé FW ’24 show proved, the wedge is also back and bigger than ever.