6 High Street Jeans This Denim Lover Really Rates

There are those dedicated to dresses, others who always step out in the very best shoes, but for me it’s all about denim. Jeans, shirts, jumpsuits, dresses—I’m such a big fan of this fabric that it makes up most of my outfit builds throughout the year. Even when I’m running to the shops, I’ll pull on my favourite wide-leg style just to feel slightly more put together. All that to say I know a thing or two about great denim, so it might surprise you that all but one of my favourite pairs comes straight from the high street.

(Image credit: @florriealexander)

Jeans are a true wardrobe staple. Bar a few days in the height of summer, denim is one fabric that we can rely upon all year round, and can be taken from day to night in the swap of a top. With boots, heels, sandals, flats; these trousers are as versatile as they come, and I personally wear them from the coldest days with tights underneath and cosy knits, to warm summer days with a tank top and slides. But it’s a known fact that when it comes to jeans, finding the one can feel like a never-ending mission. As a denim devotee, I can attest for the hours that can be spent in dressing rooms wriggling into various styles just to find the elusive perfect pair. And often, we assume that the very best styles are the ones that have a high price tag to match. Whilst I can see the appeal of higher-end denim and have a few styles on my wish list that I’m saving up for, I’ve found so many stand-out pairs on the high street that I simply had to share them with you.

Woman in mirror wears grey vest, blue jeans and red shoes

(Image credit: @florriealexander)

To save the time and energy it takes to do a mass denim try-on, I took one for the team and did the hard work for you. Rounding up six of the best-selling styles from three of our most reliable high street stores, H&M, COS and Arket, I’ve put these pairs to the test to see if they live up to my high standards, and help guide you through the denim shopping process as seamlessly as possible. For reference, I wear a size 28 and stand at 5’2”. In rounding up the best styles, I tried a variety of cuts from high to low waist, baggy to slim fit, so that whatever style you’re looking for has been covered.