3 Outdated Designer Handbags and 3 to Buy Instead

It’s become a common topic of discussion in the fashion space that during periods of economic uncertainty, consumers tend to pivot their purchases toward wiser investments. That is, after all, a major contributing factor of quiet luxury’s success over the last year. And the designer handbag space is far from immune. According to luxury resale site Rebag’s Clair Report for 2023, storied houses like Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton continue to be of top priority in times like this, with their best-selling handbags continuing to hold onto resale value despite the market’s fickleness of late. “Pieces like the Hermès Constance, Chanel Deauville Tote, and Louis Neverfull [are] retaining their average [resale value by] 127%, 114%, and 136% in 2023, respectively,” says Elizabeth Layne, the Rebag’s Chief Marketing Officer.

But that’s not the case for every brand, nor every bag. And just as fast as people will invest in safe bets when the market is unpredictable, they’ll sell off those carriers in their closet that are no longer serving them sartorially (or financially). Layne knows this all too well. And thankfully, she was more than willing to share her knowledge of those specific handbag styles that people are more often getting rid of in 2024 than buying with Who What Wear. Keep scrolling to see which three designer bags she says are being resold to Rebag in bulk this year and the three that are being invested in instead. Who knows? The findings might just surprise you. 

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