28 Serotonin-Releasing Nordstrom Fashion Finds

With the world seemingly falling apart at every turn, it’s become more important than ever to find moments of joy in everyday, mundane activities. For fashion people, a great way to tackle this is by channeling our energy into getting dressed in pieces that make happy chemicals swirl around our noggins. As always, we here at Who What Wear are your handy-dandy designated style hunters, so I’ve dug through the far corners of Nordstrom‘s robust online retail presence to find some serotonin-releasing fashion pieces that’ll turn any frown upside down.

All fashion enthusiasts know how great of a feeling it is to score an item that makes you excited about the endless possibilities. To get into all those warm feels, keep scrolling and check out the selection of affordable yet chic Nordstrom goods ahead. It’s time to bring on the joy.

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