25 Twist Hairstyles for When You’re Bored of Braids

Twist hairstyles, equally charming as braids, are currently trending for their easy implementation, versatility, and undeniable trendiness. Whether large or small, tightly coiled or loosely wrapped, twists effortlessly elevate any hairstyle. Transform a basic ponytail into an Insta-worthy lewk with just a few twists, or opt for a twisted knot for a fresher take on the classic bun. Experimenting with twist braid placements and thickness breathes new life into even the most familiar do.

Hence, in this collection, we’ve curated 25 stunning twist hairstyles that demand minimal effort but promise maximum impact.

25 Easy-to-Do Twist Hairstyles for Everyday Style

    1. Shoulder Length Kinky Twists

    Image | EMPPhotography / Getty Images

    A top choice for medium-length hair, offering versatility with tight coils or loose twists. Embrace your preference effortlessly. Amp up your glamor game with this chic twist braided hairstyle that is easy to implement, and above all, can be tailored to suit your taste and flair.

    2. Short Hair Side-parted Twists

    Woman sporting a side parted twist braided hairstyle
    Image | Ramon Ivan / Getty Images

    Infuse a distinctive flair into your short hairstyle by weaving in twists! This boss-babe aesthetic creates a powerful statement, whether embraced for a laid-back day event or a sophisticated night affair. So, unleash your individuality with these every carefully crafted twist.

    3. Pinned-up Twists

    Girl implementing a pinned-up twist braid hairstyle
    Image | Lorado / Getty Images

    Elevate your daily twist braid routine with pinned-up twists—a regal touch. Beyond their stunning appearance, they gracefully accentuate your neckline. These twists are not only easy to create but also exceptionally versatile, effortlessly adapting to various styles.

    4. Twist Updo

    Side view of a Twist Bun Updo
    Image | BFG Images / Getty Images

    Master a carefree look by putting your twisted braid into an updo, keeping hair off your face effortlessly. Accentuate with ribbons for a whimsical touch, turning a simple updo into a playful and stylish statement.

    5. Retro Twist Braided Bun

    Model sporting retro twist braided bun hairstyle.
    Image | PeopleImages / Getty Images

    Indulge in the allure of the Hollywood 70s with this braided twist hairstyle, seamlessly blending vintage glamour with the funky charm of twist braids. Whether you rock medium-length or long locks, this style effortlessly enhances the beauty of any hair length.

    6. Funky Bejeweled Twists

    Bejeweled twist hairstyle
    Image | Delmaine Donson / Getty Images

    Twist up your style game by adding funk to your braid, turning heads with bejeweled accents. Whether a tight two-strand twist or a loose boho look with tendrils, this versatile twist celebrates individuality and a touch of glamor — Because, who doesn’t love a little bit of bling!

    7. Top Knot Twists

    Undone Top Knot Twists Hairstyle
    Image | Tim Robberts / Getty Images

    Consider this as a top-knots deconstructed counterpart. Gather your hair atop the head and loop it loosely, leaving a few inches undone. Resist the urge to perfect; embrace its intentionally undone charm. This effortlessly chic style invites a laid-back yet stylish approach to your look.

    8. Kinky Coil Twists

    Women showcasing twist hairstyle
    Image | Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

    Ideal for those with curly locks, this twist hairstyle enhances the allure of natural curls. The cool twist cleverly incorporates your curls, offering a playful and stylish way to celebrate your unique texture. Embrace the beauty of your curls with this chic twist.

    9. Twists with an Undercut

    Woman in a twist braid undercut hairstyle
    Image | LPETTET / Getty Images

    Achieve an edgy yet playful look with twist braids featuring an undercut. For the bold, explore geometric patterns. Transitioning to faux locs involves two-strand twists as the foundation, additionally complemented by hair extensions twisted over each strand, creating the illusion of authentic locks.

    10. Half-up, Half-down Twist Braids

    Cute girl sporting half up, halfdown twist hairstyle
    Image | Drazen_ / Getty Images

    Infuse an ethereal charm with this adorable twist on braids. Embrace the half-up, half-down style on tightly coiled hair for a sleek, put-together, and cute appearance. As shown in the image above, this twist hairstyle effortlessly blends sophistication, with a playful touch.

    11. Long and Tight Twists for Straight Hair

    Girl sporting a long and tight twist braid hairstyle
    Image | inhauscreative / Getty Images

    Enhance the allure of straight hair with 2-strand long and tight twist braids — a favorite among those with sleek locks. These tightly twisted braids highlight the management and sheen of straight hair, offering endless hairstyle possibilities. Experiment freely; this structure of twist braids opens the door to limitless styling options.

    12. Senegalese Elegant Twist Braids

    Woman sporting Senegalese twist braid hairstyle
    Image | PeopleImages / Getty Images

    Senegalese Elegant Twists exude sophistication with their intricate and slender profile. Meticulously crafted, these twists offer a timeless and refined look, combining cultural richness with contemporary elegance. The artistry in each twist reflects a graceful and polished aesthetic. Hence, it is perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

    13. Short and Sleek Twists

    Woman sporting a short and sleek twist braid hairstyle
    Image | FG Trade / Getty Images

    Short and Sleek Twists embody modern elegance with concise and polished texture. These twists offer a refined look, seamlessly blending sophistication with contemporary flair. It is ideal for those seeking a chic and low-maintenance style. Given these points, Short and Sleek Twist hairstyle is great at delivering a confident and stylish appearance.

    14. High Pony Twist Braids

    Woman sporting high pony twist braid hairstyle
    Image | CarlosDavid.org / Getty Images

    Elevate your high ponytail game with a dash of sass! High Pony Twists seamlessly blend classic vibes with the playful edge of modern twists, offering a super fun and stylish take on a timeless hairstyle.

    15. Pigtail Twists

    Girl in a twist braided pigtail hairstyle
    Image | Francesco Carta fotografo / Getty Images

    Showcase your playful side with Pigtail Twists! These twists bring a youthful spin to classic pigtails, seamlessly blending a timeless feel with a touch of trendy flair. It is undeniably perfect for those seeking a lively and stylish hairstyle that adds a whimsical charm to any look.

    16. Twisted Braid Low Bun

    Beautiful woman sporting a low twist braid bun
    Image | Jacob Wackerhausen / Getty Images

    Discover a new level of elegance with Low Bun Twists – a sophisticated twist on the classic low bun. Ideal for a bridal or formal look, these twists exude chic charm. Paired with the right outfit, they effortlessly become the epitome of refined style.

    17. Cornrow Twists

    Image | Delmaine Donson / Getty Images

    Embark on a fusion of precision and flair with Cornrow Twists. These twists weave the elegance of cornrows with the artful charm of twists, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and trend. Perfect for those desiring a sophisticated yet contemporary hairstyle, Cornrow Twists exude timeless style.

    18. Jumbo Twist Braids

    Playful girl in jumbo twist braids
    Image | Vittorio Gravino / Getty Images

    Indulge in the bold elegance of Jumbo Twist Braids. These braids make a statement with their sizable twists, blending robust style and sophistication. Ideal for those who desire a striking and chic look, Jumbo Braids effortlessly command attention and radiate a confident, stylish allure.

    19. Chunky Box Braid Twists

    Woman sporting Chucky box braid twists
    Image | yacobchuk / Getty Images

    Meet Chunky Box Braid Twists – the powerhouse of stylish confidence. These twists boast a bold blend of chunky box braids and lively twists, creating a look that’s not just a hairstyle but a statement. Perfect for those who want a head-turning, vibrant style that mirrors their bold personality.

    20. Twists with Colored Accents

    Twist braids with colored accents
    Image | FabrikaCr / Getty Images

    Infuse a burst of personality into your look with Twists featuring Colored Accents! Coupled with trendy hues like pastels and bold jewel tones, this style becomes a lively expression of individuality. It is ideal for those who seek a stylish and playful look, effortlessly adding a touch of vibrant flair to your style.

    21. Twists with Curly Ends

    Girl sporting twist hairstyle with curly ends
    Image | Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

    Craft a playful allure with Twists featuring Curly Ends! Achieve this chic style by incorporating gentle curls at the ends of your twists, adding a touch of whimsy. Especially great for those with naturally curly hair, this style showcases the best of your curls while blending sophistication with a lively flair.

    22. Mohawk Twists

    Woman sporting Mohawk twist braid
    Image | Aaron Greene / Getty Images

    Transform your tresses with Mohawk twists – a bold fusion of classic style and contemporary flair. All in all, these twist braids aren’t just strands of hair; they’re a statement. Embrace the daring elegance as you redefine your look with Mohawk twists.

    23. Afro Braid Twists

    Featuring afro twist braids
    Image | MangoStar_Studio / Getty Images

    Unleash the allure of Afro Braid Twists – it’s like sculpting a masterpiece with your hair. These twist braids are your artistic signature, a canvas of creativity that speaks volumes without saying a word. Elevate your mane into a gallery of bold expression.

    24. Micro Braided Twists

    Girl sporting micro twist braids
    Image | MesquitaFMS / Getty Images

    Micro braided twists are a twist hairstyle where small, intricate braids are woven into the hair, creating a textured and detailed look. This style combines the elegance of braids with the subtlety of smaller twists, offering a refined and sophisticated appearance.

    25. Crochet Twists Half Updo

    Girl sporting crochet twist half up hairstyle
    Image | AaronAmat / Getty Images

    Transform your look with crochet braids – a chic protective twist hairstyle that weaves elegance into every coil. Elevate it further by intertwining twists at the crown, crafting a voluminous half-updo that radiates style and confidence.

    Twist hairstyles: a trifecta of trendiness, manageability, and protection. As the embers of this ever-evolving style persist, it becomes clear that the appeal of twist braid hairstyles is not fading anytime soon. In fact, it’s igniting a lasting love for this timeless and versatile fashion statement.

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