17 New-In Free People Dresses to Add to Your Spring Wardrobe

Okay, it’s decided—I’m flipping the script on my neutral wardrobe this spring. I’m usually all about that less-is-more vibe—minimalism is practically my middle name—but lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to mix things up a bit, because why not, right? I’m trying out a bit of a maximalist approach, and it’s all about dialling up the colour and pattern in my everyday looks and seeing where it takes me. And now that boho is back with a 2024 update, there’s never been a better time.

(Image credit: FREE PEOPLE)

Now, I’m going to be doing this bit by bit, and since sunnier weather is due soon I figure dresses are a good place to start. When I asked my Who What Wear UK colleagues where I should search first for dresses that fit the brief, Free People was mentioned a lot. One look at the new-in section and I can see why; the brand has once again nailed that effortlessly cool, L.A.-girl vibe, and that’s exactly what I’m after. The latest collection is like a love letter to spring, with oversized, relaxed pieces mixing seamlessly with flirty, delicate touches. Pastel hues meet vibrant pops of colour in a style fusion that’s pure magic.

I added so many of these dresses to my basket that I started questioning my minimalist style credentials. Wait till you see the Feeling Groovy maxi; it’s basically sunshine in dress form—flowy, floral and begging for a picnic date. Then there’s the Made Me Smile minidress, aka my new day-to-night hero. It’s super chic, easy to dress up or down and I just know it’ll be comfy.


Lush Life Linen Strapless Midi Dress, £88

(Image credit: FREE PEOPLE)

Let’s not rush past the details though. Something about this collection has me feeling so inspired; like I’m rediscovering the joy of dressing up all over again. I’ve realised I can embrace a little maximalism whilst staying true to my minimalist roots, and after all, getting dressed should be about having fun with our style choices.

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