10 Winter Trends European Girls Are Wearing on Vacation

Typically when we cover “vacation outfits” you’ll see many sun-drenched photos on the rocky beaches of Mallorca and the like. But today, I’m focusing on the cozy winter vacations that European girls take. Instead of jetting off to Italy or the South of France, lately, chic European girls have been visiting cities like Copenhagen, New York, or Paris, or opting for something a bit more rural such as the English countryside or the Scottish Highlands. Accordingly, their recent vacation outfits are basically the opposite of the bikini-clad ones we see throughout the summer.

As to be expected, these chic vacation outfits contained plenty of current trends, and I’m here to highlight the standout ones. From a certain coat trend that’s perfect for Paris to the shoes that are just right in Wales, these cozy cold-weather trends are great ones to try whether you’re traveling or staying local this winter. Scroll to familiarize yourself and shop them for your own seasonal wardrobe.

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