10 Preppy Style Staples We Can’t Enter 2023 Without

I live for preppy style. I ended up falling madly in love with fashion even though I wore a school uniform my entire childhood. The funniest part is that while many of my classmates complained about the restraints of knee-length skirts and uniform dressing, I loved the uniformity. I had so much fun bending the rules by layering on knits over my Oxford shirts and testing out different kinds of knee-high socks. We all wore the same outfit every day yet somehow made it different. It was so interesting for me to watch.

A few years later, I entered adulthood, coincidentally around the time that preppy style really took off with its reemergence into the fashion industry. Designers who stuck with this aesthetic like Burberry, Thom Browne, and Marc Jacobs rejoiced, and so did I, as I got to keep some nostalgic notes from my childhood hanging in my closet. 

The school-girl aesthetic has been having its moment for a few years now, so as I prepare my wardrobe for a big entrance into 2023, I’m thinking about the ways that I can keep my preppy style growing and evolving while keeping in mind that the timelessness is what makes this aesthetic so fun to tap into. Come along with me on this journey by shopping my picks below.

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